Become Getting Ink


Become Getting Ink

The June issue of Men’s Health features Mr. Ryan Phillippe on its cover, and boy does he look shredded.


But that’s not all. No, that’s definitely not all.


Along with an article featuring Mr. Ryan “Ripped” Phillippe himself, our newest project, Ryan Phillippe’s Become app got a bit of press, too. And why wouldn’t it? The slick new app gives users the ability to “Become” celebrities (starting with Ryan Phillippe) by adhering to their nutrition, workout, and skin care regimen (makeup tips will be included for the ladies as well). Totally news-worthy.


The App will be in both iTunes and Google Play stores within just a few weeks, and we can’t wait to see how it’s received. Until then, pick up the June Men’s Health issue and read more about it yourself!